Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last month

I can't believe it - we only have one month left in the states!

We're currently in the throes of moving. We need to separate our stuff into three different shipments and weigh everything as we go. Suck.

Here's a quick overview of how the move breaks down:

  • UB shipment - we're limited to 1000lb (about a room's worth of stuff), should arrive in Oki in about 30-40 days
  • HHG shipment - limited to about 2300lb, should arrive in 60-70 days
  • Non-temporary storage - everything that we're not allowed to take to Oki (eg our couches, the bbq grill ect), we won't see this stuff until we get back to the states

To put those weights into some perspective, we moved from Oregon to Quantico with about 9000lb worth of stuff. So yeah, lots of sorting and deciding what we can live without.

In other news, my first postpartum race is coming up. I'm running (well, more like waddling/jogging) the Runstock 5k on the 20th. I'm doing the Coolrunning's Couch to 5k program again. Slowly working my way back up to the marathon training, but sadly that's several months away.  Hoping to get back in the pool and enjoy some of the Okinawa triathlons I've been reading about too!

So excited to be saying farewell to the East Coast soon!

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