Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do What Daddy Does day

Friday was "Do What Daddy Does" day up at Camp Schwab.  Chris had duty, so he wasn't able to join us at the beach, but I suppose that's a truer picture of what Daddy does.

In Daddy's office

The rest of the fun was set up at Oura Wan beach.  The boys were too young for most of the displays, like the zodiac boat rides.  Owen was able to get his face painted camo-style and enjoyed seeing all the big rigs.  Isaac was just happy to put rocks in his mouth.

Zodiac boats in the bay - maybe next year
Checking out the trucks

Isaac taking a break from eating sand

Storming the beach
Of course, I remembered to put sunscreen on the boys (twice) and totally forgot about myself.  Now I'm a lovely shade of lobster.  At least I got my dosage of Vitamin D!

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