Monday, September 17, 2012

Enchanted Forest

Our last full day in Oregon was spent at Enchanted Forest.  

I went once when I was a little kid (probably about 25 years ago).  I thought it was super cheesy and rinky-dink back then, so I've never wanted to go back.  But Jason suggested a trip for the kiddos and we agreed that it might be fun for them.

Pleasantly surprised, I thought it was like a mini-Busch Gardens!

The castle at the beginning of the park

Snow White's cottage

The Wicked Witch 

The Old Woman and the Shoe slide

The kids rides were so much fun!  And we were even able to squeeze in some adult fun on the log ride.

Saying good bye to Chris's family was tough (wishing we could sneak Linnea home with us in a suit case!) but hopefully we'll be stationed back on the West Coast soon.

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