Friday, October 12, 2012

Owen's first kimono

We're getting close to celebrating our first Shichi-go-san with Owen!

While flipping through Kadena's Venture magazine a few weeks ago, I noticed an ad for a kimono sale at the officers club.  Although I have seen Shichi-go-san sets for sale at Aeon and I believe some children's kimonos where at the store I bought my yukata, the on-base sale said these kimonos were second hand and I was hoping they'd be a better deal.  Since he'll only wear the outfit once or twice, I wasn't looking to spend more than $60 or $70.

Yeah, that budget didn't last long!

At the sale, the boys section was much smaller than the selection of kimonos and accessories for girls (this always seems to be the way with boys clothing).  And in my ignorance, I thought Owen would only need the hakama pants and the haori jacket.  I did not know the hakama are worn over a full kimono and I forgot to factor in zori sandles and tabi socks too.

All total, I think we spent about $150.  Eep!!  But he's so flippin adorable, totally worth it!

Owen in his kimono

The ladies at the sale also said the sleeves on the haori are adjustable.  We can let out stitching on the shoulders as his arms grow longer.  I think he might need new hakama as he gets taller, but we can pass them down when Isaac turns 3.

Now on to the second half of the puzzle: figuring out the schedule of events at the Futenma shrine...

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