Thursday, January 31, 2013

Agena Castle re-do

Over the long MLK weekend, the weather was beautiful but I wasn't feeling good.  So we decided to do a little exploring close to home.  I've seen some construction happening at Agena Central Park and I wanted to see if there's been any improvements since our last visit.

Although Owen is big enough to tackle the stairs mostly on his own, Isaac needed a lot of help.  Definitely glad Chris was able to come with us.

Trail head on the left side of the field

Isaac navigating the stairs

Amazing to think those stones have been there since the 14th century!

Looking over McT from the top of the castle

Field near the top


After the castle ruins we continued our tour around the rest of the park.

Bull ring (see it in action here)
Stairs to the back side of the park

Broken clock, working sundial

Looking back at the castle

The Tengan River
One big change from last time: no more playground.  I wonder if something new will be built in its place.

Cherry blossoms

Statue of Buddha

I hope the construction continues.  This park makes a nice afternoon trip and I'd love to see improvements to make it even better.

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