Friday, March 1, 2013

Baba Urban Green Space

On our way to Kadena or Camp Foster, we've driven past this park hundreds of times.  But we're usually busy and aren't able to stop.  I finally decided to make the trip just to check it out. 

Park sign on the 329
With a name like Baba Urban Green Space*, I wasn't sure what to expect.  But right next to the parking lot was a nice little playground and a picnic area.  The boys loved the swing and the drop slide.

After playing for a bit, we decided to explore some of the trails.  (Although the parking lot was full, we only saw one other person while walking around.)


Owen running down the path

We didn't get to explore too far because the boys found a roller slide.

This is my favorite roller slide yet!  Although I think the one at Yaeshima Park is longer, this slide was much smoother (no cardboard booty protection required).

Unfortunately, the boys loved the slide so much we weren't able to explore the rest of the trails.  Hopefully we can make another trip soon.

Baba park is right off the 329 (across the street from Hotto Motto and near KFC).  Here's a map

* Baba Urban Green Space is clunky but I wasn't able to find a smoother translation of the park's name, 馬場都市緑地 - Baba Toshi Ryokuchi.  And one of my dictionaries translated 馬場 as hippodrome or race track, but we didn't see any horses or stables so I'm just leaving 馬場 as Baba.

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