Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Portland morning

The boys woke up ridiculously early (the jet lag is getting better, but we're still not 100% on schedule yet).  I decided to go out to eat and try one of the many breakfast options in downtown.  The famous Mother's is closed on Mondays, the new (to me anyways) Zeus Cafe was too long for us to walk, so I picked Bijou Cafe near Voodoo Donuts.

Bijou Cafe
By the time we got to the restaurant, the boys were tired and fussing like crazy.  Usually they do well and behave nicely when we're out to eat; this was not one of those times.  Climbing in and out of their seats, throwing sippy cups, dumping food on the floor, playing with the salt and pepper shakers, sticking fingers in the ketchup pot - generally just being those badass kids everyone hates in restaurants.

We left as quickly as possible, then I let them run around near Saturday Market while waiting for a train back to the parking garage.

Watching the Max trains go by

Ankeny fountain

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