Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nago Half Marathon

Last Sunday was the Nago Half!

My training was no where near what it should be, so my goal was just to finish.  (I crammed at least 5 months of training into 13 weeks.  Plus, I had a nasty allergic reaction right before my 10 miler, which means my longest run was only 8 miles.)

Sunday morning we left our house near McT around 6:40am, arrived in Nago around 7:20 (I think), and luckily we got one of the last parking spaces at 21st Century Forest Park (there weren't any signs or volunteers telling you where to park, and no shuttle buses).  I made one last frantic trip to the potty as the 10k started at 9, and then it was go time for the half.

My "wtf am I doing" face


Away we go

Mission accomplished!

Overall, I'm not sure if I'll do this race again next year.  The hills weren't bad for Okinawa (but the big hill around mile 10 was pretty rough on me.  Here's the elevation chart).  The scenery was average (a few great views and some boring sections of just shopping centers and pachinko parlors).  The crowd support was amazing!  So many people out cheering and handing out ice packs, candy and drinks.  But the official water stations only served water, no sports drinks or snacks.  Sections of the course were not closed to traffic (definitely glad I skipped using my iPod).  No finisher medals, no honeybuckets (just two bathrooms at the stadium with squat toilets).

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