Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ocean Expo Park and the International Orchid Expo

Last Saturday I needed to pick up my Nago Half race packet (I could have waited until race morning but I hate leaving everything until the last minute).  Driving all the way to Nago just to pick up my bib seemed like a wasted trip.  The cherry blossoms still didn't look more than 50%, so we found ourselves back at Ocean Expo Park.* 

Because our last trip focused on the aquarium, I wanted to visit the Tropical Dream Center.  But after stopping in the Native Okinawa Village area, we could tell the boys were getting bored and we decided to go watch the animals instead.

Native Okinawa Village

The Central Gate area was full of flowers for International Orchid Expo.  Very colorful!

Fountain Plaza

Flower displays


Watching the turtles

I think I've also solved my bone mystery.  After seeing the sea turtles up close, I'm pretty sure the bones and body we saw at the beach came from a turtle.  (Still a little creepy with the Japanese words for bone (hone,骨) and boat (hune, 船) being so similar though.)

* Although I probably should have been at home resting for the half, I wasn't worried about finishing the race or trying for any sort of goal time.  Having fun with my guys was more important than spending another day bored at home.

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