Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chillin' at the Lodge

Although at times it feels like we're on a bad vacation, we've been pretty lucky so far on this trip.  First, we really haven't been jet lagged.  I thought for sure we'd be in a world of hurt, waking up at all sorts of odd hours and generally feeling awful.  When Chris and I went to Paris in 2006, we had a very hard time adjusting to the time difference.  Now add in a newborn and a fussy two year old - that's the stuff of nightmares!  But strangely, we've all been able to slip into a good routine of sleeping and eating without too much pain.

Second blessing - our sponsor and his family have been amazing!  They had us over for dinner (delicious lumpia and some sort of amazing noodle dish!).  They've been great with the kids, watching Owen while we took care of some classes on base.  And Jason knows so much about the island.  We definitely couldn't have done this without him!

The lodge on Camp Courtney has been a good temporary home too.  We're able to walk to the library, a small grocery store and a couple different restaurants.  So nice having some options while we don't have our cars.  The lady who works at the front desk (I'm so terrible with names!) is very friendly.

Here's some pics of our new Okinawa life:

A gazebo by the lodge

Some of the base housing

The clouds here are breathtaking!

Walking from the library to the lodge

The baseball fields

Home sweet (temporary) home

The kitchen area

Owen's room/living room

Playing the "backyard"

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