Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Government furniture

Much like gov'ment cheese, you only take this stuff because you have to

In an earlier post, I mentioned we were only allowed to take about a third of what we own.  Because we couldn't bring items like our couches and desks to Okinawa, the government loans us furniture.  And it's about as nice as one would expect - a step above something at a Goodwill store.  At least it all matches and is pretty stable.

Some of the bedroom items (I forgot to get a pic of the night stand):

The bed only comes in one size (full) on a plain metal frame.  No cribs or toddler beds are available.  No pillows or linens either.

The office (we haven't set up the shelves in the bookcase yet):

And the lovely living room:

Some of the furniture we choose to bring is our queen sized mattress and frame, entertainment center (a low shelf and two tall bookcases), TV, high chair, crib, and toddler bed.  For now, the boys are sleeping in a Pack'n'Play for Owen and a Co-Sleeper bassinet for Isaac.  I've been using the dresser with the mirror as a changing table.  

Our kitchen isn't big enough for the dining room table they offer (we were told it seats six) and we don't rate a kitchen table.  (I should add that Chris in an O2E in the Marine Corps. I've heard rumors that the on-base housing gets nicer furniture than the off-basers.  And I'm sure that the Air Force has the nicest stuff of all lol)**

This weekend we'll be looking at some of the furniture stores around the island for a kitchen table.  I tried Okinawa Yards Sales without any success.  I'd like to get different couches (these make me feel like I should be rocking a side pony-tail and watching "America's Funniest Home Videos"). We'll see if we can find something affordable (aka hella cheap!)

** UPDATE: We've been to a few homes on base now and they have the exact same furniture as we do.  The one exception being that a couch was maroon instead of green.

I'm very happy that we decided to bring our own bed.  Although it's a bit big for our bedroom, the government mattress was awful.  We're still getting everything settled so I'll try to post pics soon (probably around Christmas time when we get the decorations up)

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