Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flora and fauna

Life is settling down again, so hopefully I'll catch up on posts about the PCS soon.

With the kids back on a more normal sleep schedule, I was able to sneak away for a little bit this afternoon and begin taming the jungle. Behold - the beast of our front "yard":

Our rental agency said that we could do whatever we wanted with the space. The plan is to rip up all the weeds (although it seems like all weeds at the moment lol) then worry about replanting and/or decorating.

Some little friends I found along the way this morning:

What a cicada left behind:

I can believe the number of shells I've found!

Trying to think of something artsy to do with them. Perhaps I'll have to hit up Pinterest soon and get some inspiration....

I tried to get pictures of the black butterflies and the gnarly looking wasps, but both were too fast for me. The vines were covering swarms of ants that left me with a creepy crawly feeling all day (but thankfully no habu were hiding out!)

I called it a day after developing some serious swass. But at least I made some progress.

And I discovered a potted plant! A free decoration for our porch - huzzah!

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