Monday, October 24, 2011

One year ago

Can't believe how much I miss fall!  

It always strikes me as utterly fascinating how much a person can change just by living somewhere different.  You think, oh there's certain things about me that will never change, like my favorite food or favorite season. But change up the scenery a little bit and be amazed at the new details about yourself you'll discover.

In Oregon, the best time of year is winter.  Holidays with family, snuggling by a fire while the rain drizzles down, hitting the mountains for some skiing, white chocolate peppermint mocha's, Chris drooling over the latest batch of seasonal micro-brews.  When we lived in NC, I was a summer girl.  Flip flops and mini-skirts, driving down to the beach, sitting on a porch drinking and laughing with friends, fireflies, lightning storms, getting a gorgeous tan.  Virginia made me a die-hard fall fan.  The beautiful leaves, just enough sun and breeze, light jackets and ballet flats, a break from the ungodly heat and time to savor the days before the snow arrives. 

I also can't believe how far away last October feels.  Chris graduated TBS.  Jason and Erin came out to visit us in Virginia (and surprised us with the news of baby Linnea).  One year ago today, we dropped our friend Chelsi off at the airport when she needed to scout out homes in California and we took a hike in Shenandoah Valley

About 5 weeks pregnant with Isaac.  So tired
that I took a quick nap on the side of the trail!

Owen looking so cute in his overalls

The famous colors

Makes me wonder what Okinawa has in store for us and where we'll be this time next year!

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