Monday, February 27, 2012

Nago Pineapple Park

One rainy weekend, we decided to check out Nago's Pineapple Park and Winery.  If you love snagging free samples while at the grocery store, this is the place for you!

After a quick tour of some pineapple fields in a self-driving cart, we headed indoors for the seashell museum.  Although all the signs were in Japanese, the shells were pretty and Owen loved seeing the displays.  Next, the pineapple factory (they weren't working when we visited), and finally, the gift shop!

We sampled several different types of pineapple wine - sparkling, red, white.  There was also shikwasa wine, pineapple juice, and - for the extremely brave - goya juice!  (We tried some deep fried bitter melon once - and that was enough for us.)  We continued snacking our way through the gift shop with chinsuko (Okinawan sugar cookies), seaweed, pineapple cakes, and fresh pineapple.  We finished off our visit with some delicious pineapple and ben-imo cream puffs to take home.

The Pineapple Park was very touristy but fun and a nice break from the gloomy weather.

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