Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yaeshima park

These are some pics of one of our favorite spots on the island so far: Yaeshima Park - 八重島公園.  I've also heard it called Civic Center Park, but we usually call it Kadena park because it's so close to Gate 2.

(I'm posting old pictures because our adventuring has been limited lately.  We can't seem to get through a trip without a tantrum (or two, or three) from Owen and I've had my fill of public embarrassment for a while.)
The giant tree house and roller slide

Owen and Dad climbing up

The drop slide

Getting to the park is easy - it's right off the 85, about halfway between the 20 (Gate 2 street) and the 74.  (Here's a map)  We just park along the side of the 85, but there's also a couple of parking lots nearby.

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