Friday, April 20, 2012

My Japanese bathroom - part 1

The Japanese love being clean!  While American homes have a single room for the toilet, shower/tub, toothbrushes, medicine, ect, Japanese homes typically separate these into two or more room.  In our home, we have one room for the toilet and a small hand washing sink.  Near the washer and dryer we have a large sink for brushing our teeth and cabinets for storing clean towels and medicine.  And finally we have the actual bath room.  

From my understanding, Japanese typically bathe at night before bed.  (Makes sense to wash off all the dirt from the day before settling into your nice, clean sheets.)  I usually join the boys as part of our bedtime routine.  

Getting ready for the mayhem
First step, getting clean.  I sit on the small stool while the boys play with their bath toys - they absolutely love having an entire room to splash in!  We take a shower with our hand-held nozzle, making sure to have the soap and dirt completely rinsed off.  (I got our bath accessories from Aeon in American Village, but I've seen cute sets at Nitori too.  The blue bath mats are cushy in case Isaac slips on the tile.)  

Part two - relaxing! 

While this part isn't necessary (we only do it once or twice a week if we have time), it is very nice!  I believe the "proper" thing to do is fill the tub with enough water to cover the body from the neck down.  But the tub is deep enough that the boys could use it as a swimming pool, so I only fill it about halfway.  Also, the hot water helps heat up the room in winter.

Definitely going to miss our Japanese bath when we PCS.

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