Thursday, April 12, 2012

The sweet potato man

Every few weeks or so, a little singing truck makes its way through our neighborhood.  All I could understand from the song was おいしい (oishii - delicious), so I assumed it was an advertisement for a shop or restaurant.   (Around election time, vans will come around blaring ads about local candidates.  Seemed logical to think other Japanese vendors would advertise the same way as politicians.)

Then a few weeks ago, Owen wanted to see the truck as it drove by (he's currently obsessed with all things on wheels).  That's when I noticed いしやきいも (ishiyakiimo) on the side of the truck.  A quick google search revealed he's actually selling stone-baked sweet potatoes.  Like an ice cream truck for yams!

We've been waiting and waiting for the yaki-imo man to come back around.  Finally!  This afternoon we heard the singing.  The boys and I got our shoes, grabbed some yen and hurried down to the street.  Owen was extremely excited!  I couldn't understand everything the vendor was saying, but with some smiling and nodding we got two good sized potatoes for 500 yen.  He put them in a little paper bag for us and we took them back to the house.

Owen digging into his yaki-imo

I think the sweet potatoes are meant to be eaten as is, instead the American way of smothered with butter, sugar, cinnamon, marshmallows.  The boys loved it (Owen attacked my plate for more!)  Personally, I liked the yakiimo better with a little bit of salt, but it was very tasty and we'll definitely be back for more.

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