Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We took Owen on his first trick-or-treat!

I decided to take Owen on-base to Camp McTureous instead of trying off-base because I wasn't sure if Okinawans celebrated Halloween by going trick-or-treating.  Although I've seen decorations up around town and my neighbor gave Owen some cookies this afternoon, I know most traditional American holidays get a Japanese twist (eg strawberry cakes for Christmas, women give men chocolate for Valentine's Day).  (btw, jack-o-lanterns do NOT hold up to island weather.  Ours starting rotting/attracting ants right after we carved them.)

The cookies our neighbor was handing out
(Speaking of our neighbor, pretty sure I said "I've heard the cookies are delicious" instead of "The cookies look delicious" (oishii sou vs. oishi sou - darn extra い!!).  Sigh.  One of these times I won't embarrass myself when I talk with her....)

Owen saw the Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee costume at the PX a couple week's ago.  At $25, I couldn't argue.  A trip to The House of 66 Cents for felt, some hand-me-down red shirt and pants, and Isaac was transformed into Muno.

Brobee and Muno with Dad

Owen isn't sure what to think of all the spooky decorations and costumes

Base trick-or-treating was open to all military members and we could get guest passes for our neighbors too.  Students from a local school were invited to participate.  All added up to a busy experience!

The line to get some candy
Everyone was very friendly and we had a great time!  Already thinking about our costumes for next year  :)

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