Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perimeter Road Run 13k

On somewhat of a lark, I decided to do the Perimeter 13k on Kadena this morning.  A few nights ago, one of the WOOP ladies said she couldn't do the run and I was able to take her spot.  My thinking: I can do a 5k, so I could definitely do a 10k.  And 13k isn't much further than a 10k, so why not?  Oh, the logic of runners! lol

Me in the back of the pack

Slow and steady was my mantra.  I walked frequently and ate a Gu at the first water stop.  I treated this race like a "before picture" and next year when I'm (hopefully) trained, closer to pre-pregnancy weight, and acclimatized will be the "after picture".

Looking awful as I cross the finish line
I finished in 1:38:46 and set a PR!  (Yeah, it was my first 13k so of course it's technically a PR  lol)

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