Monday, March 5, 2012

Agena Central Park

We went looking for the ancient ruins of Agena castle and instead found some modern ones.

Our short cut to Camp Courtney takes us right past Agena Central Park (安慶名中央公園) and Bullring (map).  After seeing some blog posts about the Agena Castle ruins (like this one and this one), I decided to stop one afternoon and do some exploring with the kidlets.

This park has definitely seen some better days.  Maybe it's in disrepair from winter and some improvements will be made as the weather improves, but it definitely had the feeling of an abandoned area.  Wishing I would have gotten some pictures of the especially creepy broken clock.

Right in front of the parking lot was a large open field and the path to the ruins was supposedly on the left.  I didn't see any clear paths to the castle ruins and I wasn't about to start bushwhacking with a toddler.  We circled the park counter-clockwise to see what else we could find.

Owen climbing up the hill

A memorial?

Near the bullring, castle ruins?

The play ground

Baby Thunderdome!

Fountain that led to a pond

We eventually found this map, but nothing was marked:

Although there were covered areas for picnics, a lot of benches were broken or missing.  There were also a couple of homeless men and a police cruiser pulled in as we were leaving.  I don't think we'll be coming back any time soon.

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