Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toguchi Beach re-do

Well, the weather was absolutely beautiful today, but a nasty case of terrible-two-ititis struck us down.

At least this time we got down onto the beach and did a little bit of walking.  (I think there even might have been a habu sighting.  A police officer and some serious looking fellows were directing people away from a grassy area.  All I understood was あぶない (abunai - danger).)

The great thing about Toguchi beach (渡具知ビーチ): it's only about 10 minutes from Kadena's Gate 3.  There's plenty of covered picnic tables - by the play ground, up the paved trails overlooking the beach and ocean, down at the beach.  The parking lot is easy (I'm the worst about parking in Okinawa!  I swear it takes me about 5 minutes, several three point turns and plenty of f-bombs to get out of the Hotto Motto parking lot).

We were lucky enough to be there at low tide today and the rocks were amazing.  (I use this website for the tides.  There's a page specifically for Toguchi, which should also work for Torii Beach, or there's also one for Ishikawa, which I check for Courtney or Uken.)  I could see people walking on the rocks quite a ways out from the beach.

A very pretty area and close enough to Kadena that we can stop in after running errands.

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