Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clothes shopping

Uniqlo is awesome!  Finally found some cute shirts for summer (IMHO the BX is overpriced with a selection of clothes for going out clubbing or a granny in a business meeting and very little in between).  Plus, Orla Kiely collection - squeeeee!

I'd heard that finding clothes bigger than a size 8 off-base is difficult.  Thankfully, me and my 10+lb of lingering baby weight were able to find tops that fit.  Although the small is more like an XS, I'm a size 10 and fit comfortably into the larges.  (I didn't try on any pants, but I've heard Uniqlo will hem them while you wait - genius!)

A few things that would have been nice to know yesterday:

- Shoes off in the fitting room (of course, I realized this as I was leaving the fitting room.  Now I feel like I've sullied the carpets with dirt and gaijin shame).

- What seems to be a box of toilet seat liners in the fitting room is to cover your head (I don't generally wear make up/hair products, but I've tried on clothes at Old Navy that were streaked with someone's else make-up.  Definitely gross).

- Just because a shirt is pink, with a cute little fishy and some swirly waves don't assume it's a woman's shirt (figured out I bought a man's shirt when I got home and noticed the size was written with チェスト(chest) instead of バスト(bust).  Also, after looking up the logo online, see that it's a shirt for a fish paste company.  Not sure if I'll actually wear it while in Okinawa or not).

Who knew a little shopping could be such an adventure!

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