Friday, March 2, 2012

Oki sodas

You can't be in Okinawa without seeing vending machines everywhere (I've heard there is one machine for every seven people on the island).  For some reason, they only stock soft drinks, water, and coffee (and maybe the occasional cigarette machine), but no food or liquor (or the other strange things, like underwear and live seafood, I've heard about mainland Japan).

I've been slowly trying out the different local flavors from the Okinawa Bottlers company.  Although the sodas are a little heavy on the syrup, I love the Shikwasa (シークヮサーソーダ) and Peach Water (ピーチワター).   The Cream Soda is different (more like Dr Pepper than cream soda) and the Mistio White Soda (ミスティオホワイトソーダ) is a good mixer with lemon vodka but a bit strange on its own.  So far, my favorite is Peach Water (and the can has some of the best Engrish I've seen - "The taste that is felt the refreshing fruit which the neat peach is easy to swallow").  But over the past few weeks I can't seem to find the Peach Water any more.  Not sure if the flavors are changing with the season or if it was just a promotional flavor (like the Big American burgers McDonald's is currently selling).

A few days ago, I stopped by the vending machines just down the street to grab a drink for lunch.  Still no Peach Water - and in it's place is now Honey Lemon Soda (はちみつレモンソーダ).  I had a sore throat, so I figured the honey ought to be helpful.  I'm glad I did because now I have a new favorite!

When I went to buy more Honey Lemon yesterday, it was sold out.  The next vending machine I see with the Honey Lemon display was also sold out - curses!  So while we've been out running errands, I've been keeping an eye on the vending machines for more Honey Lemon.  Finally - jackpot!

Mmmmm ~ honey goodness for me!

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