Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Ball 2012

Last night we went to the Birthday Ball.

I just wasn't really into it this year.  First, the dress I ordered from Target had a wonky zipper and I waited too late for alterations.  So I sent it back and I wore last year's gown.  Guess I'm really getting my money's worth out of it  lol  I didn't have a plan for my hair (I've found the hair dressers at Kadena's BX ignore your picture/request and do whatever they want to do anyway, so no point in picking out something specific).  Next year I really need to do my own hair.  If it's going to look disappointing, might as well save myself $50.

Then the day of the ball, Chris was running late and ended up forgetting his shoes at his office on Camp Schwab.  That meant we had to drive from Camp Courtney to Schwab then back down to the ball at Hansen, about an hour and a half of just driving.  And we arrived about 40 minutes into the cocktail hour, not enough time to relax, socialize and get some drinks before the ceremony began.  I felt rushed and never settled into a party attitude.

But one thing I was really excited about: new shoes!

They were so much fun to wear!

And when we got home after the ball, both the boys were already asleep!  Much better than last year when the sitter had to call us because Isaac wouldn't stop screaming (he's still got some separation anxiety but nothing like back then).

So happy birthday, Marine Corps.  And here's looking to next year's ball!

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