Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween happenings

Because I wasn't sure which package was going to arrive in time for Halloween (and the selection at the stores on base was extremely limited), the boys ended up with three costumes.  I made sure the boys got out and had fun in each one.

Costumes round 1

The first set were from Grandma Linda.  She bought the boys Oshkosh overalls this summer.  Owen's overalls matched his hat from Busch Gardens perfectly, so the boys became Thomas and a conductor.  The boys had a great time at Camp Courtney's Spooky Storytime.  They especially loved the craft at the end.

Owen coloring a spider at the base library's Spooky Storytime

Those outfits were in a box I shipped home from Oregon instead of fighting with extra luggage.  I had my mom mail it after we left and I wasn't sure when the costumes were going to arrive in Oki.  So I also ordered...

Costumes round 2
Owen a cheap skeleton costume from Target.  Almost every shipment from Target gets here in two weeks or less and we already had a monster t-shirt and silly pj bottoms for Isaac, so these were my back up outfits.

We took the boys out to Kadena's Fall Fest the Saturday before Halloween.  Sorry to say we didn't have a good time and will definitely skip this event next year.

Trunk-or-Treat at the Fall Fest
But we still had the main event to look forward to: Trick or treating!  Owen understands the tradition now (even if he is too shy to actually say "trick or treat" most of the time).  And I was really excited for my top costume pick:

Although we originally agreed to cut out all unnecessary spending to build our savings back up, when I saw the baby Ewok outfit online I couldn't help myself!  I didn't want to wait until next year because Isaac is that perfect age with his chubby little cheeks and roly-poly tummy that begs to be an Ewok.  I already had a white dress to be Leia (plus some sock buns courtesy of Pinterest).  And Chris said that if we cut his hair at home for a few weeks, we'd save enough to offset the boys costumes.  I worried that the company wouldn't fulfill the order in time for Halloween, but all the costumes arrived with plenty of time to spare and everything fit!

The night of Halloween, we took the boys to McT to Trick-or-treat.  The weather was a little drizzly causing a lot of people to stay home.  Nothing like the crowds last year!  By the end I was carrying Owen's candy, hat, gloves and light saber and Chris was carrying a sleeping Isaac, but we had a lot of fun and I'm glad everything worked out so well.

And that's how we ended up with a triple Halloween treat!  (I just hope the boys don't expect three costumes every year!)

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