Friday, November 30, 2012


Jenn from Maybe If You Just Relax totally nailed NaBloMoPo for me!  The exciting parts of my Friday was buying holiday soap at the commissary and taking the boys to their check ups.

(Although to be fair, these soaps smell ah-mazing!  I want to eat my hands after using the gingerbread one.)

(And bonus points to Hubby for noticing the new soaps when he got home from work.)

The boys are doing great.  They're a little on the chubby side (especially Owen who's 91st percentile for weight and only 15th for height) so we'll be cutting back on the juice and milk.  But they're cruising through their milestones and are perfectly healthy little troublemakers.

Isaac carb-loading for a long day of ornament snatching

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