Sunday, November 11, 2012

Forward thinking

Christmas and holiday decorations aren't the only thing I'm shopping for early.  I've already ordered my gowns for next year's Birthday Ball.

I know buying this early seems a bit excessive, but I don't want to be stuck wearing that same effing dress for four balls in a row!  (I know some wives think that since the Marine wears the same outfit every year they should be able to too, but I get bored with the same thing over and over again.) Ordering early will give me plenty of time to get them fitted and altered.  And they're on clearance, so $50 for a dress that is normally $150 ain't too shabby.

I'll probably wear the more formal first dress to the Division's ball and the more fun second dress to the unit's ball.

Dress #1

Dress #2

If they don't fit or don't look good on me, I'll sell them.  (I meant to sell 3 of my old dresses this year but I spaced off putting ad on Oki Yard Sales.)

Although I had a request to rock my Leia buns at the ball, I'm thinking of trying to do something simple on my own.  I'm terrible at applying make up and doing my own hair.  Last year I had to practice over and over again for a few weeks to finally get the hang of liquid liner.  I'll probably just straighten my hair and wear it down with the second dress.  Then maybe try something like this braided up do for the first dress.

Now I just need to find a purse big enough to sneak my flask in....

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