Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting ready

Well, I'm still trying to get the obi tied properly.  (My toddler is no where near as patient as this kid.)

Pretty sure the previous owner folded the hakama wrong, making the top pleat go in the wrong direction.

Owen refuses to wear his tabi/zori.

Have no idea how I'm going to get a toddler wearing hakama into a 5 point seat belt.*

And I'm not even sure if there's festivities at Futenma tomorrow.

But we'll head down to the shrine in the morning and hope for the best.  If nothing else, I'll play the 馬鹿外人 (stupid foreigner) card and take pictures like a tourist ;)

* Japanese laws do not require any type of child restraints  So I'm sure the Okinawan families just hold their kimono'ed child in their lap or, at best, put them in a regular seat belt.  But #1, that's not legal for us (SOFA status are held to the same car seat requirements as the rest of America) and #2, it's not worth the risk.  I'd rather deal with a wrinkled kimono than Owen getting hurt in an accident.

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