Thursday, November 8, 2012


Watching Dinosaur Train

Owen has entered into the dinosaur stage.  He loves the PBS show Dinosaur Train and constantly begs to watch it.

At first I thought he was just zoning out while watching the tv.  Then one day he surprised me by knowing the name of the Cretaceous Period.  Now he can name about 10 types of dinosaurs and what they eat.  I'm not sure how smart the average 3 year old is, but that certainly impresses me!  I know some adults that don't even know what a herbivore is.

One of the cutest parts of his dino obession: he pronounces brachiosaurus like "broccoli-osaurus".  Cracks me up every time!

Really missing Virginia and the Smithsonian right now.  I wish we could just drive up to DC and show him the real deal at the Natural History Museum.  We've looked at some pictures together but it's just not the same.  

18 month old Owen is not impressed

Already have a new board started on Pinterest for a dino-rific 4th birthday party.

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