Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas time is almost here

New decorations!

Seems wrong to already be thinking about Christmas shopping.  I just took down the Halloween stuff a week ago and haven't even hung up some Thanksgiving decor.

Usually I'm the person complaining about stores putting out Halloween supplies in August and Christmas stuff before the end of October.  But last year we waited until the proper time in December to buy new holiday decorations and they were already sold out.  I learned my lesson that if you see something you want, you'd better buy it!

Last year we also bought a fake, pre-lit, white and iridescent tree because I didn't think we could get the real thing here.  And the only unbreakable, toddler-proof ornaments we had were glitter-covered white and silver.  White and sparkly on top of white and sparkly basically made the tree look like Edward Cullen.  By the time I realized how pathetic our tree looked, there was nothing left on base on change up the look.

So this year when ornaments hit the shelf in October, I bought!!

We're doing traditional green and red for the first time (we usually have a silver and blue theme).  I kept the price tag as low as possible with one big-ass tub of plastic bobbles and I'm hoping to find some cheap stockings and garland for the rest of the house.  I'll probably end up ordering those decorations from Target.

Speaking of shopping online, I'll also be ordering all the gifts after payday on the 15th.  I don't want to wait too long and not have the presents delivered in time.  I've heard the generally rule is to have everything in the mail by December 1st.

Can't wait to see the new ornaments hung up!  Having a fake tree just sitting in a closet and the Christmas channel on Pandora radio makes decorating early very tempting.

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