Friday, November 2, 2012

Spooky decorations

As I said last post, we're pinching pennies to help rebuild our savings (although space a helped make the trip home affordable, it still took a good chunk out of bank account).  To help get the house into a festive mood, I made a couple of projects I found around the web.

First up, Martha Stewart's witch's curtain:

Decorations in the living room
I bought a box of black garbage bags then cut them up and stretched them out while watching TV on night.  I had so many from just the one box that we hung the curtains up around our living room.  Fun and totally cheap!

Another garbage bag craft is How About Orange's spider webs.  Although I didn't get around to it this year, definitely something to keep in mind for next Halloween.

We also skipped carving pumpkins this year.   Instead I snagged a couple of plastic jack-o-lanterns at the BX.  The real pumpkins quickly went bad last year, no one can really see our porch, and the boys don't know they're missing out on anything.

I moved an Ikea light from Owen's room into the living room and used some old purple party lights to add the final touches.  And voila!  An entire room decorated for under $20


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