Monday, July 16, 2012

Bastille Day

We had a little family fun day last Friday for Bastille Day.  People celebrate St Patrick's as an excuse to drink Guinness and people celebrate Cinco de Mayo for the tequila, so why not Bastille Day for the champagne?  

I moved our Bastille Day bash to Friday the 13th because I thought we'd be at Emerald Beach for the big Ocean Day fireworks show (大会) on the 14th.  But we were just too busy cleaning and packing on Saturday to spend all day at a festival.  (And from what I heard from other families on Facebook, if you weren't at Ocean Expo Park by noon, traffic and parking were very ugly.)

After going all out for Isaac's birthday party, I wanted to keep everything as easy as possible.  I ordered a beret, an Eiffle Tower centerpiece and some fake mustaches when I bought Isaac's party supplies from Shindigz.  I only put up a few decorations, mainly just some streamers and a bunting I spent about 5 minutes printing and gluing to a string.

We started our party by making some art and looking at some paintings.  (I should have saved boxes to build a wall and have the boys storm it.  An idea for next year.)

Painting with the boys

For dinner, I baked a chicken, tried out a Dauphinois potatoes recipe, and set out some cheeses from the commissary.  The boys had sparking grape juice and we had some bubbly.  (Next year, I'll try some stores off base for better champagne and maybe a bakery, like this one or this one, for some real croissants.)  Dessert was a quick mille feuille (frozen fruit, store bought puff pastry and whip cream).

Dinner time

An Okinawan party crasher
We had fun being French and silly for the day

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