Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Japanese bathroom - part 2

Because Owen woke up with a high fever this morning, we didn't try for the flight to Elmendorf, Alaska (I think it ended up being canceled, so maybe I saved us a trip).

Although I'm waiting to see how he feels this afternoon, I'm thinking our plans for today are doomed too (there's a festival in Kin Town with fireworks tonight).  Since we're staying home, I'll do the domestic thing and finally finish the second half of the bathroom post.

As I posted before in part 1, the typical Japanese house has separate rooms for the bath and the toilet.  In America, this would be counted as a half bath, but here it's bigger than some of the closet-sized water closets I've used.

Sink for hand washing
Our sink is a full sized sink and used primarily for hand washing.  Our tooth brushes and other toiletry items aren't stored or used in this room.  I've seen some sinks that are attached to the top of the toilet (the grey water is used for the next flush).  

And the best part of our bathroom: the amazing toilet!

The remote control
It has a heated seat, the lid automatically opens and closes, plus a bidet and washlet (with some sort of massage feature, not quite sure what the リズム (rhythm?) button does).  I was scared to use the water jets at first, now I'm in love with getting a mini-shower for that not so fresh feeling.  Definitely wished I had one of these when I was pregnant (could have avoided those awkward post-labor peri-bottles).

Another common feature that our toilet doesn't have is a handle with a big and little (大 and 小) flush feature to conserve water.

Slightly related, one of my favorite features about Japanese public toilets: the child seat!  I've seen several different styles, the one below is from the Okinawa Zoo.  Absolutely love not having to do the balance the baby while trying to pull up my pants dance routine.  

Baby seat in a bathroom stall

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