Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Days 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (sorta)

We started our space a adventure last weekend and it's already been hectic.  The last minute packing and cleaning, rushing off to make roll call, hauling two kids and a fair amount of luggage to the terminal - just to wait around for two hours and be told to go home.

So, getting caught up:

#19: I collect...
Race t-shirts.  I'm not one of those people who are into collecting tchotchkes.  We have shot glass from here and there, I pick up sea glass when we're at the beach.  For a while in Virginia, I kept the corks from wine bottles.  I never thought of something interesting to do with them, so they got chucked when we moved.  But other than that, collecting spoons or keychains or whatever just doesn't interest me.

19: From a distance (our neighborhood)

#20: A Difficult Time
After Owen was born, I struggled with postpartum anxiety.  I didn't fit the stereotype of feeling sad and crying all the time of postpartum depression, so I didn't think anything was wrong besides the expected new mom jitters.

The panicked feelings and obsessive thoughts grew worse and worse.  When Owen was about 9 months old, I felt like I was living in a horror movie.  I constantly imagined all the ways we could die at any given moment (the bridge we were driving on collapsing, a plane crashing into the house, a random attack).  Every time we got into the car I thought we were going to be in a major car accident (not that outlandish driving on I95 in Virginia).  It felt like there was evil in the house (silly things like ghosts and demons, but bad people like murders and rapists too).

I finally went back on antidepressants when Owen was about a year old.

22: High key*

#21: Favorite Foods

  1. Mac+cheese
  2. Diet Coke
  3. Sourdough bread (Corvallis's Big River Breads is delish!)
  4. Cheese (Alsea Acre goat cheese is one of my top picks)
  5. A perfectly cooked steak
  6. Vodka (especially in lemon drops)
  7. Starbuck's white chocolate peppermint mocha
  8. Kastudon 
  9. Bubble gum ice cream
  10. McMenamin's tator tots with ranch

23:  Favorite food

#22: Best Thing This Year!
Isaac turning one and walking

24: High angle

#23: Dream Job
Professional triathlete

25: Hat

#24: Favorite Childhood Book
Ice Cream Cone Coot (this page isn't in English, but there's several examples of the funky 70's illustrations in the book)

* I mixed up a couple of days, so 20 and 21 of the photo challenge will be up soon

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