Monday, July 30, 2012

Okinawa Zoo

Our quick trip to the Okinawa Zoo (we came near closing time and I forgot our good camera):

Front gates

Map and museum

Riding with Dad

First horse ride

Turtle power!

Owen was having so much fun with the different rides - go karts, a train, horse back - and feeding the animals at the petting zoo.  I had heard from several different people that the zoo was sad, but I thought they all must be crazy, this place is great!

Then we got to the animals.


Yeah, that's pretty sad.


Hippos in a little pond

We'll probably go back to see the museum and water area, but I'm definitively skipping the animals next time.


  1. I thought Chris was on the mainland? Is he back already?

  2. Sorry, these were from a couple weeks ago. Chris is still up at Camp Fuji and won't be done with training until September