Friday, July 27, 2012

Days 25-ish through 28

Okay, I can't read good and stuff.  My last post screwed the photo challenge up big time (skipped 20 and 21, mixed up 25, and 26 is HOT not HAT).  Anyways....

20: Soft (I love the clouds here on Oki!)
#25: Blogs I love
Fuck Yeah Dementia (do tumblrs count as blogs??)
Daily of the Day
Je te Vuex. N'arrete pas.
Fuck Yeah Grunge
Slate (I think this is more "digital magazine" than blog, oh well)

21: Music (Chris rockin the Rock Band a few years ago)
#26: An old photo

My mom in Paris, 1976

25: Long Exposure

#27: Favorite recipe

Chicken with creamy goat cheese sauce - this seems so fancy but it's pretty simple.  You can even tell people it's a seared chicken breast with a wine and chevre pan sauce topped with fresh herbs like a boss.

The new recipe below is a spin on a cosmopolitan.  The commissary had a new cranberry-blackberry juice blend, so I decided to use it in a cosmo recipe.  I think lemon juice tastes better than the usual lime with the blackberry juice, but here's my basic cosmo cocktail:

1 part vodka
1 part triple sec
1 part cran juice
1/2 part fresh lime juice

26: Hot (a sweaty Isaac napping in the car)
#28: I'm looking forward to...
Our trip!!  Although I'm really hoping we get to see Anchorage, however we get off this rock will be fine by me.  Put my ass on a plane - let's do this!

My 33rd birthday. My third Hood to Coast with my sister-in-law.  My brother is getting married - over the moon happy for them!  I keep saying this, but seriously, with every wedding and every new baby my family keeps getting more and more perfect.  On the way back to Oki, we're taking a vacation in Maui.

27: New Recipe (see above)

#29 Where I've traveled:
My grandfather passed down his wanderlust to us.  Growing up, he and my family were always going camping, hiking, fishing, and general exploring on his infamous "wild goose chases".  Obsidian flows - why not?  Devil's Punch Bowl - you bet!  I missed the entire OJ Simpson white Bronco chase because we were in the woods near Zion Canyon.  It wasn't unusual for us to skip the first or last two weeks of school because my family had a trip planned and wanted to avoid the summer rush.

So, where have I been?  All over Oregon - Crater Lake, Mt Hood, the coast from Astoria to Bandon, Hoodoo, Bend, Ontario, the Willamette Valley from Portland to Ashland, and just about everywhere in between.  Chris and I have also driven cross country three times - Oregon to NC, NC to Oregon and (with a 6 month old Owen) Oregon to Virginia.

Mt Rainer, Boise, Yellowstone, Seattle, Olympia, Mt St Helens, Vancouver BC, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Disneyland, San Francisco, Redwoods, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, St Louis, celebrated my 25th birthday in a small town called Whitesville in Kentucky, Smoky Mountains, Raleigh, Wilmington, Orlando, Disney World, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Bullrun, Baltimore, Paris, Okinawa.

And maybe adding Fairbanks to that list on Sunday....

28:  Generations (My dad, Chris, and Owen)

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