Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kurashiki Dam - 倉敷ダム

No flights today (well, there actually was one, but Kadena's AMC lied and said it was just going to Yokota when it was really headed to Yokota then Anchorage.  No real loss because they wouldn't have had enough open seats for we lowly cat 4's).  No flights means relaxation!

We started off with the plan of going to the water park this morning.  By the time I got everyone ready and out the door it was already 11:30 and I still needed to withdraw more yen.  Then I remembered the water park has a break from 12-12:30, I didn't have any extra swim diapers for Owen, and since we were near Kadena, I figured we'd just explore Kurashiki Dam instead.

Owen at the falls

The creek and picnic area
We didn't stay too long.  I forgot to bring the boys' water socks and the rocks were a little too slippery for them.  They had a great time and I'll definitely pack a picnic lunch when we go back.

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