Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2: 20 Facts

Self portrait (with compression sock bonus!)

  1. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon
  2. My middle name was passed down from my grandfather to my father to me (and Isaac carries on the tradition)
  3. Had the chance to skip the 2nd grade, but my mom decided against it to help my "social skills"
  4. Shy and nerdy, I was teased a lot in school
  5. Been the same height since 7th grade
  6. Skywalker was my Outdoor School counselor name
  7. Felt love at first sight with Chris when I was 15
  8. Favorite movie is Akira
  9. Attended Portland State, Oregon State and University of Oregon
  10. Changed my middle name when I got married
  11. Have five piercings and zero tattoos
  12. Didn't get my drivers license until I was 23
  13. Lived in three states so far (Oregon, NC, and Virginia); California will probably be next
  14. I hate beer
  15. Catholic growing up, studied Buddhism in college, now happily atheist
  16. Favorite food is mac+cheese
  17. Finished 8 full marathons
  18. I kick butt at Mario Kart and trivia games
  19. Daily Show, Community, and Mad Men are my favorite tv shows
  20. Shopping at Target is the top thing I miss about America

Something orange

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