Friday, July 6, 2012

Okinawa World and Baku Craft Beer House

Last weekend we escaped the house and headed down to Naha.  Chris has been dying for something other than Orion beer.  I had heard of a small brewery in Okinawa World and good beer bar.  Finally, the weather and Chris's schedule aligned - AND the boys weren't sick or teething!  

Okinawa World entrance
Waterfall in the cave

Sampling Nanto Brewery's "dark"

For what it's worth, Chris thought the Nanto beers (the light, dark, and black) were a bit sweet, like a brown ale, and lacked hops.

Owen enjoying a drink made from sugar canes

Wishes written on paper for the tanabata festival

After Okinawa World, we had dinner at Baku Craft Beer House in Naha.  Baku is located just off Kokusai Street (the map on Baku's blog is a little small and confusing, but the bar is pretty easy to find.  We took 58 to the 42 and found a public parking garage on the intersection of the 42 and Kokusai Street (the 39).  The walk to Baku was just a few blocks)

Behind this gift shop...

Baku is on the second floor.

Although the pub was small, we practically had the place to ourselves.  The beer and food menus were in English (but a little katakana would be enough to figure out the tap board).  Chris was really happy with his beers (I can't remember what he ordered) and the food was delicious!  We especially loved the chicken basket - the fries were amazing and something in the batter reminded me of my grandmother's fried pork chops.  Definitely looking forward to going back soon.

Beers on tap
Baku also offered the Nanto beers on draft.

Some kegs from Oregon's Rogue brewery 

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